About Sake

Sake is made mainly from rice and water and contains 13% to 17% alcohol. The special feature of sake is that you can enjoy it at wide range temperatures, i.e. warm, at room temperature, cold and ice-cold.

There are around 1600 sake breweries all over Japan which produce their own unique sake. Water, the climate, the sort of rice and the brewing method in each region and at each brewery influence the taste of the sake, which makes the world of sake so colorful and diverse.

The variety of sake is enormous; full-, medium- or light-body, dry or sweet, with more or less acid, still or sparkling, fresh to aged, clear or cloudy etc. Those variations enable you to find sake which goes well with each kind of food from Asian to European cuisine for any occasion from starter to dessert.

Our sake line-up from Ishikawa prefecture

To-Ji, SakemeisterWe get our sake directly from sake breweries in Ishikawa prefecture. There are 34 sake breweries there where people not only preserve the tradition and high quality of sake, but also endeavor to create new value and flavors of sake. We keep close contact with producers to introduce a wide range of sake with best quality to our guests.